Preserved & Developed: Honeysuckle Hill

Preserved & Developed: Honeysuckle Hill

On several occasions, Preservation Arlington has been asked, “What is happening to that gorgeous home on Lee Highway by Overlee Pool?” Even though this project isn’t yet complete, like most of our “Preserved & Developed” properties, we thought that community interest warranted answering this question today. Basically, the owners of the property had a by-right subdivision opportunity, but it would preclude preservation of this home.

The owners of the property filed for and were approved for a Unified Residential Development (URD). A URD is a tool the County and residential developers can use as an alternative way to subdivide residential lots. It is used when owners are seeking a more creative alternative to traditional subdivision that is more compatible with surrounding single-family houses. The URD guides style and massing such that the houses have a coordinated building form, bulk, scale and placement with the surrounding properties. The approved URD requires the retention of the home and many of the trees.

Honeysuckle Hill is the name of the redevelopment of 6122 Lee Highway in Arlington. Currently being marketed as one property with four lots for $3.325 million (the main house is listed at $1.7 million and the three new lots are at $1.625 million), this development is the next chapter for a gorgeous Colonial Revival home that has looked out on Lee Highway for more than 75 years.

The property has a marketing website with additional information.

6122LeeHwy B

6122LeeHwy A

2 thoughts on “Preserved & Developed: Honeysuckle Hill

  1. Thank you for this info — I’ve been wondering and assuming the home would be a tear-down. Happy to hear there are other plans in the works.

  2. I am glad to hear that Honeysuckle Hill will be preserved and that the additional development will be sensitive to the area. So many insensitive, out-of-scale houses are built in the neighborhood, so I am glad to hear that it may be different with this property. Fingers crossed!

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