Links We Like

Links We Like

Here is a list of helpful organizations and media outlets that deal with history and heritage in Arlington, the commonwealth of Virginia, and beyond.  If you have a suggestion for a site to add, please contact us at PreservationArlington(at) Thanks.

Arlington County Civil War Sesquicentennial Committee

Arlington Historic Affairs and Landmark Review Board

Arlington Historical Society

Arlington Historic Preservation Department

Arlington Magazine


Black Heritage Museum of Arlington

Center for Local History, Arlington County Library

Directory of Preservation Businesses, Products & Services

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Preservation Virginia

3 thoughts on “Links We Like

  1. This is a great site that is also on FB and Twitter. It features all sorts of interesting info on mid-century homes and sources for supplies and fixtures and also has a gallery, that they are always updating, of mid-century “gems.” It is a commercial site, but they owners are really dedication to the cause of saving this style.

  2. I need to set someone straight about Swanson Junior High School, Arlington, Va.
    It was posted that Swanson was built in 1955. That is NOT true. I graduated from there in 1949. Get your dates correct.
    I graduated from Washington-Lee H.S. in 1952.
    Hello out there. Do your homework.

    1. You are correct, we had the date wrong. We know it is that old and aren’t sure where the 1955 date came from during the editing process.
      It has been updated. Thanks for the note.

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