Arlington’s Most Endangered Historic Places

Arlington’s Most Endangered Historic Places

Here are links to previous lists of Arlington’s Most Endangered Historic Places, an important tradition that Preservation Arlington will continue.

2015 List: Dive Bars, Westover Garden Apartments, Columbia Pike Commercial Buildings, Lyon Village National Register Historic District, Reevesland Farmhouse

2014 List: Key Boulevard Apartments, Arlington Presbyterian Church, Parkland Open Space, East Falls Church Commercial Hub, Wilson School, Mid-Century Modern Architecture, Family Graveyards

2013 List: National Register Neighborhoods, Arlington House Woods and Seneca Quarry Boundary Wall, Washington & Old Dominion Railway, Low-Rise Commercial Architecture, the Wilson School, the Blue Goose, Garden Apartments

2010 List:  Lubber Run Amphitheater, Old Schools, Garden Apartments, David Brown Planetarium, Neighborhood Shopping Centers

2009 List:  Gulf Branch Nature Center, Branch Libraries, the MoMA Lustron, Neighborhood Shopping Centers, Early Arlington Houses

2008 List:  Lee Gardens Shopping Center, Veitch-Thomas House, Clarendon Commercial District, Civil War Earthworks, Small Arlington Houses

2007 List:   Parkland Gardens Apartments, Apartment Bungalows, Mid-Century Libraries, Historic Residential Neighborhoods, Commercial Districts

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      1. Lyon Park is certainly losing a lot of older houses. They are being replaced by McMansions that are too big for the lot – totally changing the feel of the neighborhood. 🙁

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