Arlington Bookshelf: Washington & Old Dominion Revisited

Arlington Bookshelf: Washington & Old Dominion Revisited

The Washington & Old Dominion Railroad was an important part of the history of Arlington. Bringing goods to the industrial uses in Rosslyn, Cherrydale and East Falls Church which supported the growing Arlington community. The railroad operated from 1912 to 1968. Today, most of the railroad land is public park within Arlington County.
A new book came out this summer providing a detailed look at the railroad. It is the second in a series. Washington & Old Dominion Railroad covered the railroad’s corporate history, construction, and operation. This second volume, Washington & Old Dominion Railroad Revisited, expands the coverage with a geographic focus on four locations: Rosslyn, Great Falls, Leesburg, and Purcellville. The images within offer a look at the railroad’s feed and grain business, views of equipment, and a visual record of methods used to maintain the right-of-way and place equipment back on the tracks. Additionally, this work offers a history of the conversion of the right-of-way into the very popular Washington & Old Dominion Railroad Regional Park.

The book is authored by two local writers who have extensive personal knowledge and history with the railroad.

Both books are available (check pricing) from Arcadia Publishing (first book) (second book) and (first book) (second book)

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