Arlington. History. Survey. Take it.

Arlington. History. Survey. Take it.

What about Arlington’s history is important to you? Where do you go to learn about our history as a community? How do you think our history should be collected, preserved and shared?

Arlington is seeking the general public’s ideas on collecting, preserving, sharing the history of Arlington. This is part of an ongoing effort started in January 2015 when the County convened a task force to look at current county policies and practices as well as best practices and successful programs from across the country. The task force is expected to make a recommendation to the County Manager at the end of the year.

Read the County Press Release or, go straight to the survey.

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3 thoughts on “Arlington. History. Survey. Take it.

  1. My grandfather’s family was in Arlington before it was Arlington. His family settled in what became Clarendon way before the Revolutionary War. Family members have lived in Arlington continuosly since then!

  2. I do believe that Arlington history needs to be preserved and presented in a way that younger generations can easily see and learn about Arlington’s place in regional and national history. Our place as part of DC, Alexandria, the Civil War, etc. are all important in understanding the greater role played in our region and country. So little is readily presented for residents to see about the early years of the county when it was mostly farms on through the teens, 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. I think a dedicated space for learning about county history in visual and auditory presentation would be tremendous, coupled with a dedicated online site for such materials, stories, etc. Right now there are multiple groups and individuals all doing similar disconnected things. That is a waste. I’d also like to see more historical markers and information on our streets and local parks highlighting what was there in the past or what occurred. So yeah, its of interest to me. 😉

  3. What is Arlington? The General’s House? The cemetery? Of course not. Those are federal lands. Is it the North County? The South? Because they have little in common and spend no time together. Rosslyn, Clarendon and Ballston are merging into one high-rise city, lacking a long-term plan for transportation needs and development. H.B. Woodlawn, one of the best high-schools in America, is about to become another all-white, mega-middle school. Everyday another brick colonial or Sears Craftsman becomes a stretched-to-the-edge-of-the-lot, pseudo-Victorian farmhouse. We have 26 miles with 4 delegates, 2 state senators, but only 5 county board members. Highest population density on the state. Transient.

    There are some great old-photos of this area, but they are becoming unrecognizable scenes, with demolition, paving and rebuilding.

    Arlington’s history is the history of the booming suburb as it merges with the surrounding booming suburbs. People who live in here are looking forward, not backward. They would rather have the traffic lights in-sync or build another synthetic athletic field, before putting any serious money into sharing the county’s history. I would say, “Ask them,” but they are too busy raising families and commuting into D.C. for work. Only us old-timers fill out these surveys.

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