Upcoming Meeting: DRC on
Reevesland and Columbia Pike

Upcoming Meeting: DRC on
Reevesland and Columbia Pike

The Design Review Committee (DRC) of the HALRB will meet on August 5, 2015. The DRC offers free technical and design advice to those looking to make changes in one of Arlington’s locally designated historic districts. This input helps finalize the CoA request before it goes to the HALRB for review.

Two items of particular interest on the DRC Agenda are changes to Reevesland Historic District (400 North Manchester Street) and a form-based code project on Columbia Pike (2338-2354 and 2406-2408 Columbia Pike).

Reevesland.Arlington County staff have been instructed by the County Board to sell the Reevesland property. In preparation for that, the property will be subdivided and modified. The request being discussed at DRC is “to demolish garage, reconfigure and resurface existing driveway, add new hardscape features, and remove two trees.” This requires approval by HALRB as all of this activity would occur in the Reevesland Historic District.

2338-2354 and 2406-2408 Columbia Pike. These are the properties often referred to as the Rappahannock Coffee and L.A. Nails buildings. In the FBC (Form Based Code) for Columbia Pike these buildings were identified as having “historical and neighborhood interest.” This designation requires a development get reviewed by HALRB. The owner of the property has plans to construct a new six-story mixed-use office building incorporating the historic facades

Design Review Committee of HALRB
2100 Clarendon Boulevard
Lobby Conference Rooms Cherry & Dogwood
August 5, 2015
6:30 PM

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