Summer Reading:
Arlington History

Summer Reading:
Arlington History

What better way to relax at the beach or on a hammock in the mountains or on your own front porch here in Arlington than reading more about our great Arlington County. Since early 2014, we have been highlighting books and collection of books on Arlington County and our great history. Some are older books only available at the library (or on ebay) while others are brand new waiting to be discovered. As we’ve added readers and followers, we wanted to take this opportunity to revisit our Arlington Bookshelf series.

Looking for general history? This collection of books features newly printed ones available online as well as some older books available for loan at the library or for purchase on ebay, General History Bookshelf.

More interested in the Civil War and the important role Arlington played in the defense of Washington? Then check out the Civil War Bookshelf.

One of the most recent publications is by Arlington resident and local business owner Bill Hamrock. His 2014 book, full of pictures and stories, is available at many local stores and online. Check it out, We Are Arlington Bookshelf.

Want to learn more about growing up on Columbia Pike in the 1940’s and 50’s? Listen to some great stories and see numerous pictures from private collections, Village & Pike Bookshelf.

Over 100 people recently attended a “Meet the Author” program at Central Library on Arlington’s most recent publication. This collection of stories from Arlington’s Nauck Community shows a strong and tight community working together, check it out, Building Bridges Bookshelf.

Did you know that the Falls Church-News Press has has a regularly featured article on Arlington County, which is written by long-time Arlington resident Charlie Clark. His book covers interesting historical tidbits and stories you won’t read about in any of the other books, check it out, Arlington County Chronicles Bookshelf.

We look forward to seeing you at the pool or out on the porch. Relaxing and learning more about Arlington this summer.

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