Upcoming Meeting(s):
West Rosslyn & Wilson School

Upcoming Meeting(s):
West Rosslyn & Wilson School

Two important meetings this week will affect the future of Wilson School.

The eighth meeting of the Western Rosslyn Area Planning Study (WRAPS) will be Thursday, November 8, at 7:00 pm at Wilson School. The working group meetings are open to the public for observation. This will be an opportunity for the working group to review the concept plans for the site.

On Saturday, November 10, at 8:30 am is a Community Public Forum on the proposed concept plans. This meeting will be at Key Elementary School.

Both the historic Wilson School and the historic Queens Court apartment complex are part of this study area. The future of these two important historic properties will be impacted by whatever recommendations the WRAPS group makes to the County Board.

The charge for the group is:

Western Rosslyn Area Planning Study is an opportunity for Arlington County staff, Arlington Public Schools, property owners and community members to work together. The joint effort will balance considerations for this essential site in our neighborhood and result in a thoughtful Area Plan to guide future development. WRAPS is about collaborating to create our vision.

Stay up to date on the WRAPS efforts on the County website dedicated to this group.

Here is the information for the next meeting of West Rosslyn Area Planning Study:
November 6, 2014
7-10 PM
Wilson School
Purpose is to discuss the concept plans for just the Wilson School site.
Visit the project website.

Public Workshop:
November 8, 2014
8:30 AM to 1:00 PM
This inclusive and hands-on public workshop will collect community feedback about how a series of preliminary Concept Plan Alternatives, that have been developed by staff, respond to the County Board Charge and the Working Group’s Guiding Principles.

Here are some of the proposed concepts:

Wilson School Option
Wilson School Option

Wilson School Option
Wilson School Option

One thought on “Upcoming Meeting(s):
West Rosslyn & Wilson School

  1. This post is inaccurate. The models shown here are those developed by APS as part of their own process. They are NOT under consideration by the WRAPS Working Group. The correct Concept Plans which will be presented at the public workshop will include the entire study area for WRAPS, which includes the Wilson School (APS), County (Fire Station & Highlands Park), APAH (Queens Court), and private (Penzance & 7-11) properties.

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