Nominations Sought for 2014 Endangered List

Nominations Sought for 2014 Endangered List

Preservation Arlington is seeking public input in developing the 2014 Arlington’s Most Endangered Historic Places List. Nominations can be submitted through March 28, 2014. The 2014 list will be released during Preservation Month 2014 (May). Arlington’s Most Endangered Historic Places List is an annual listing intended to heighten awareness of historic sites and resources in the County and to inspire advocacy on behalf of preservation within the Arlington community.

Preservation Arlington is seeking nominations of specific properties and places as well as general categories of properties that are threatened here in Arlington. The 2013 Arlington’s Most Endangered Historic Places List included specific buildings and sites such as Arlington House Woods, the Blue Goose (aka 1000 North Glebe Road) and the W&OD siding in East Falls Church. The list also included building categories such as our National Register Residential Neighborhoods and Low-rise Commercial Buildings.

Previous years’ Most Endangered Lists can be found on the Preservation Arlington website. Arlington is a great community with modern high rises and vibrant shopping areas along with older commercial strips and quiet single-family neighborhoods. Our built environment is part of what makes Arlington special.

Is there something you see in your daily life and feel it is an important part of your Arlington experience? Are you concerned that it may be under redevelopment threat or is disappearing due to lack of attention or other factors? If so, nominate it for the 2014 Arlington’s Most Endangered Historic Places List.

Nominations are due by March 28, 2014. Each nomination should include the property name, address, and a brief write-up on its importance and your understanding of the threat. Please include your name and contact information with the nominations. Nominations should be emailed to

One thought on “Nominations Sought for 2014 Endangered List

  1. I am nominating the site of Lubber Run Community Center at 300 Park Drive.
    The original building was built in 1894 by the son of Senator Henderson who co-authored the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution formally abolishing slavery. The land was owned by the Henderson family from civil war days. The house and land were given to the county to use as a community center but the house burned down in the late 1950’s and the current building was built in the 60’s.
    The integrity of its original setting is all that remains physically but it continues to serve its original function as a community recreational facility.
    There are proposed plans to build either a 1200 student school or large residential building which both would destroy all of the natural rolling accessible park land around the current building.
    I nominate the parkland surrounding the existing building as an endangered historic park and and valued asset to the the surrounding community.

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