Blue Goose, Other Endangered List Sites Make News

Blue Goose, Other Endangered List Sites Make News

Preservation Arlington and our 2013 Endangered List have made local headlines, with coverage in ArlNow, the Arlington Sun Gazette, the Arlington Patch, and the City BizList for Washington, D.C.

Much of the coverage focused on the Blue Goose, the mid-century modern office building in Ballston, as well as the Arlington House Woods, which made both Preservation Arlington’s and Preservation Virginia‘s endangered lists this year.

“To save the Blue Goose, preservationists will have to convince its owner, Marymount University, to abandon plans to renovate the strategic, two-acre parcel,” wrote Scott McCaffrey in the Sun Gazette. “It may be a tall order, as university officials are moving forward with plans to replace the building, which is surrounded by a surface parking lot, with two office towers and underground parking.”7Glebe1000

ArlNow is well-known for its spirited, sarcastic, and smart comments, and the Endangered List article was no different. Some people lambasted the Blue Goose’s inclusion on the list, but others praised its distinctiveness, such as this note from a commenter named “Patrick”:

“All the new stuff around [the Blue Goose] looks basically the same, mostly built in the last 14 years or so. The Blue Goose stands out because it has its own style. Maybe some people are uncomfortable with that and would prefer brick and stone, so it blends in with nearby buildings and contributes to Arlington becoming more ‘standard’ looking. Keep the Blue Goose, and keep Arlington weird.”

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