In multiple stories about the history of Arlington you hear about people seeing great distances from some of the old homes. You hear stories about people taking time at The Glebe House and enjoy the view towards the City from the cupola on top. Or in other stories from the Civil War there are discussions of how troop movements and skirmishes were visible from other structures in the County.

The site of the Febrey-Lothrop House is one of those sites. At 412 feet elevation it is one of the higher points in the County and quite the promontory on Upton Hill. (The Glebe House is at 358 feet). The prominent location of house is shown on maps from the Civil War and clearly indicates the importance of this site.

Now that the hillside to the east of the property has been cleared of trees and brush you can get a better understanding of the view that this property had at one point. These photos were taken on a spot 5-10 feet lower than the house site. And, once inside the house, the upstairs was another 10-15 feet higher. Imagine what you can see.

Something to think over.

Looking east towards Ballston from McKinley Street. Visible is former E-Trade building at Ballston Exchange and cranes for Harris Teeter site.
The view east across the top of the Crystal City/National Landing area to the Maryland hillside.
The view east to Ballston (left side).

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