Survey out on New Middle School Name

Survey out on New Middle School Name

Stratford School Naming Committee
The historically designated Stratford School Building is undergoing a major renovation and addition at it is being transitioned to a new middle school. It is scheduled to open in September 2019. (follow the link below to read the rest)

Preservation Arlington was involved and supported efforts for the designation of the school as a local historic district. The events that occurred at Stratford on February 2, 1959 changed education in Arlington and Virginia. Change was underfoot at the time, but brave students and parents in Arlington made it happen here. APS has committed to continuing to tell the story of that change.

The APS-appointed naming committee is not counting votes, but rather looking for input from the community on three proposed new names — all of which include the name “Stratford”. Please be prepared to add comments at the end of the survey supporting your viewpoint.

Please take the survey here:

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