For Sale: 2nd Owner in 105 years.

For Sale: 2nd Owner in 105 years.

In the Maywood neighborhood, Arlington’s only single family home local historic district, a home is on the market for the first time since being built in 1913. Owned by the McAfee family since 1913 the home is ready for a new owner who appreciates the history of the home and the neighborhood.

The McAtee family was typical of an Arlington family in the first part of the 19th Century having moved here from DC for the opportunity to own their home and live in the growing suburb of Arlington. Robert McAtee lived to 100 and spent his entire life living in the homes his family purchased in 1913. Upon his death in 2014, a a profile/memory in ARLNOW captured his story of growing up and living in Arlington. As mentioned in the article, Mr. McAtee was well known in the County for his knowledge of local history and his wide collection of Arlington artifacts he readily shared with the community. A portion of his collection has been donated to the Center for Local History at Arlington Library and is being cataloged.

Listed for $850,000, 3200 22nd Street North is a 5 BR 2 BA home with a detached garage. The home has all the original hardwood floors, radiators, woodwork — “pretty much in original condition” according to the realtor. The craftsman style home is on a quiet corner lot and has wood exterior and a wonderful front porch on which to sit and visit with your neighbors. Click here for the listing.

Maywood was designated a local historic district in 1990 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2003. The designation has helped the community retain an architectural design integrity while allowing homeowners to improve and expand their homes. Since designation, almost three decades ago, there have been only two teardowns and the three new homes have been designed to fit into the fabric of the community. For more on the Maywood Local Historic District, click here.

On occasion, Preservation Arlington will highlight unique historic houses that are on the market in Arlington County. We hope to raise awareness of some of the true housing gems we have here. Some might be in great condition and just need to be maintained by their next owner, while others may need a steward with heart and passion to restore and stabilize the property. These are not commercial listings or endorsements by Preservation Arlington.

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