Upcoming Hearing:
HALRB May 17

Upcoming Hearing:
HALRB May 17

The May meeting of the HALRB (Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board) will be begin at 7:30 PM on Wednesday, May 17. The agenda includes:

Consent Agenda COA’s (Certificate of Appropriateness) for:

  • 3314 22nd Street North to replace the existing driveway with stone pavers and the walkway with flagstone in Maywood Historic District, download the staff report.
  • 3209 Old Dominion Drive an after-the-fact request to alter the existing walkway and replace a retaining wall in the Maywood Historic District, download the staff report.
  • 400 North Manchester Street to reauthorize CoA 14-07 for the placement of the 21 garden beds for three years in Reevesland Historic District, download the staff report.
  • Colonial Village Board of Directors II and III) to request to reauthorize CoA 16-03 to replace the asphalt shingle gable roofs in the Colonial Village Historic District, download the staff report.

Discussion Agenda for:

  • 400 N. Manchester Street to demolish the concrete block garage, renovate the driveway and add parking spaces, and construct a grass paver access drive to the milk house in the Reevesland Historic District. download the staff report.

The HALRB will receive presentations on:

  • Virginia Tech – Legacy Businesses Project
  • Historic Marker: Arlington Presbyterian Church
  • Historic Marker: Washington-Lee High School
  • W&OD Trail Bridge Presentation

The HALRB will also receive a committee reports on the survey for: The Hermitage designation survey; Site Plan/Development Review; Staff and Other Reports on: 638 North Kenmore Street; WWI Task Force; Form Based Code Working Group; Public Open Spaces Master Plan; Education Center and Planetarium, 1426 North Quincy Street.

The Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board (HALRB) advises the County Board on historic preservation matters. The HALRB nominates properties for local and national designation and also reviews plans for exterior alterations, demolition and new construction in locally designated Arlington historic districts through a Certificate of Appropriate (CoA) process.

Citizens and others interested in these topics are encouraged to attend and speak during the public hearing process for each item. Refer to the agenda to see approximate timing of each item.

The HALRB meeting will be held:
May 17
2100 Clarendon Boulevard
Cherry and Dogwood Rooms, First Floor
7:30 PM

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