For Sale: Broadview

For Sale: Broadview

Arlington’s most recently designated broadviewnewsingle-home historic district is for sale. Broadview, built in 1881, and dedicated as a local historic district in 2014, is for sale for $1,289,000. It is a 5BR/3BA Victorian located at 5151 14th Street North in the Woodlawn Waycroft neighborhood.

Preservation Arlington covered the designation of the property in November 2014; click here for the article. The historic designation preserves the exterior features of the property.

For the full real estate listing, click here.

On occasion, Preservation Arlington will highlight unique historic houses that are on the market in Arlington County. We hope to raise awareness of some of the true housing gems we have here. Some might be in great condition and just need to be maintained by their next owner, while others may need a steward with heart and passion to restore and stabilize the property. These are not commercial listings or endorsements by Preservation Arlington.

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