Upcoming Hearing: HALRB on Stratford

Upcoming Hearing: HALRB on Stratford

The September 30 HALRB Public Hearing will cover two important topics — Stratford School Historic District Designation and Carver Homes Historical Marker. Only two items are on the agenda.

The HALRB hearing on Stratford will be the second StratfordPic1of two hearings before HALRB, the first one having been held on June 12, followed by work sessions with the Arlington Public Schools in August. HALRB is expected to affirm their earlier recommendation for designation and move that the recommendation for designation go to the County Board for consideration. No formal action has been taken by the School Board at this point.

The historical marker for Carver Homes is a follow-up from the September 16 meeting where HALRB discussed minor changes to the proposal. The Carver Homes site has been sold and will be demolished and redeveloped as luxury townhomes.

The Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board (HALRB) advises the County Board on historic preservation matters. The HALRB nominates properties for local and national designation and also reviews plans for exterior alterations, demolition and new construction in locally designated Arlington historic districts through a Certificate of Appropriate (CoA) process.

The HALRB meeting will be held:
September 30
2100 Clarendon Blvd.
County Board Hearing Room, Room 307
7:30 PM

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