Upcoming Event June 18:
Meet the Author

Upcoming Event June 18:
Meet the Author

Educator and Arlington native and civic leader Alfred O. Taylor discusses the local and national contributions of residents from Arlington’s oldest African American community.

Thursday, June 18
7:00 to 8:30 PM
Arlington Central Library
For more info, visit the library events page.

Dr. Taylor has served on many boards and in many organizations, but his biggest personal joy is seeing the Nauck community as a viable link to the history, growth, and success of Arlington. He feels that the traditional ways of a culture can only survive if people value, learn, and pass on these cultural experiences to future generations, and it is his hope that the stories that he relates in his book will inspire them to do just that.

For more information on his book see our Arlington Bookshelf write-up.

One thought on “Upcoming Event June 18:
Meet the Author

  1. Dr. Taylor, I would love to be with you tonight but an engagement out of town will prevent my attendance.

    God Speed,
    Rev. Ernie T. Moore

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