Fraber House Garage Moved

Fraber House Garage Moved

On Thursday, February 12, the Fraber House garage moved 20-some feet to its new home, next to the historic Fraber home, located at 1612 North Quincy Street in the Cherrydale Community.

In 2013, Arlington County established the Fraber House local historic district and sold the property to a private individual. Since the house was virtually intact, preservationists had pushed for the whole property to be designated, including the detached garage. A compromise was reached in that the new owner would be given the opportunity to move the garage to the more tightly defined area of the local historic district. With this move, a new driveway, curb cut and foundation were put in place for the garage.

Preservation Arlington listed this project on our 2014 Saved List, which celebrates the saves from the previous year. Read Preservation Arlington’s story about the history and designation of the Fraber House by clicking here.



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