LOST: October 2013 Snapshots

LOST: October 2013 Snapshots

In October 2013 a total of 27 demolition permits were applied for in Arlington County. Twenty-two of them were for single family homes, three were for a set of two story brick garden apartments buildings, and two were for commercial warehouses. We show all of these doomed properties below.

The demolition of these houses and buildings represents an incredible loss of history, architecture, time, energy, and materials. Some of these houses are in National Register neighborhoods; other buildings are increasingly rare examples of low-rise commercial architecture and garden apartments. All had the potential for renovation and additions. Preservation Arlington urges citizens to adopt Local Historic District designations for their communities, with standards for design, height, and placement that could be customized to reflect community needs while still allowing reinvestment to occur.

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5 thoughts on “LOST: October 2013 Snapshots

  1. Wow, this is just breathtaking in its scope of loss: everything from early 20th century farmhouses, more modern colonials, bungalows, even large apartment buildings! Clearly, nothing is sacred in Arlington.

    2724 N Nelson had some very distinctive features, and a very well kept lot, obviously.

    I think the house at 5527 3rd St S had some history to it…did anyone do any research on it or ask at the Carlin Springs library or neighborhood civic association? It certainly was unique amongst Arlington residential properties, even for Carlin Springs!

    Truly appalling to see even this short term slice of what is being lost at the rate of about one house every day, week after week, month after month, year in, year out.

    Very sad but powerful exposure of how development continues to devour and destroy Arlington’s diminishing stock of eclectic residential properties!

    Wakefield High School is being demolished at this moment…please try to document, salvage any artifacts.

    Tom Dickinson

    1. My husband and I live in a bungalow on N. Nottingham St which was built in 1927. We’ve talked many times that seeing the plastic houses that have replaced older houses on our street our house will probably be considered a tear down. It makes me sick. I wish I could do something to prevent anymore tear downs.

  2. Thank you for bearing witness to the daily losses around Arlington County. This one month installment tells a disturbing story. Sadder still is the fact that the losses sustained in one month pale in comparison to the thousands of exceptional examples of human-scale, neighborhood-oriented, solidly constructed (and yes, for the most part, attractive) buildings that have been lost thanks to overzealous permitting, reckless development and greed, all of which deprive Arlington of its history, community, and sense of place. Please keep up the superb work/keep bearing witness/keep posting photos, lest we forget.

  3. A positive note in the Penrose neighborhood is the purchase and renovation of two small garden apartments by the Penzance Company on the 300 block of S. Wayne St. and the corner of S. 2nd and Veitch. The units will be rented and the renters will be able to use the amenities of closeby Myerton Apts on S. 2nd and Courthouse.

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