LOST: June 2021

LOST: June 2021

In late 2020 the County went “live” with a new permitting system. In such demolition permits are tracked differently and we are still catching up to the new system.

In June a total of fourteen demolition permits were applied for in Arlington County. All were for single family homes. Two of the homes are in South Arlington while the rest are in North Arlington. At least nine are speculative developments. One of the homes being demolished was recently purchased for over $1.35 million.

Four of the properties are location in National Register Historic Districts.

1800 North Hartford Street is in the Lyon Village National Register Historic District
4026 21st Street North is in the Cherrydale National Register Historic District
1126 17th Street South is in the Aurora Highlands National Register Historic District
1912 North Lexington Street is in the Highland Park/Overlee National Register Historic District

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