Nominations Sought for 2017 Endangered List

Nominations Sought for 2017 Endangered List

Preservation Arlington is seeking nominations of specific properties and places as well as general categories of properties that are threatened here in Arlington. Arlington is a great community with modern high rises and vibrant shopping areas, along with older commercial strips and quiet single-family neighborhoods. Is there a building or place that you see or use in your daily life and feel is an important part of your experience of living or working in Arlington? Are you concerned that it may be under redevelopment threat or is disappearing due to lack of attention or other factors?

If so, we encourage you to nominate it for Preservation Arlington’s 2017 list of Arlington’s Most Endangered Historic Places.

This annual listing is intended to heighten awareness of historic sites and resources in the County and to inspire advocacy on behalf of preservation within the Arlington community. Previous years’ Endangered Lists can be found at this link.

Nominations can be submitted through April 15, 2017. Each nomination should include the property name, address, and a few sentences on why you think it is important and your understanding of the threat. Please include your name and contact information with the nominations. Nominations should be emailed to

2 thoughts on “Nominations Sought for 2017 Endangered List

  1. I am trying to keep my church, Bethel UCC at 4347 Arlington Blvd. 22203, alive!
    Wesley Group bought the Red Cross lot we used for parking. When they rebuild that area around Red Cross we will lose our parking.
    I am trying to obtain land from Arlington Oaks to make our own lot around the church.
    I am presently working on getting surveyed etc.
    Bethel is 75 years old. I have original designs and photos.
    Please help, if you can. I know our stone church with red doors has had a purpose for many years and will continue to serve a purpose for many more years….but….we need parking!

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